Camar / Meeuw

Teater Garasi & Theatre Embassy

regie: Corrina Manara
tekst: Anton Tsjechow
vertaling en bewerking: Gunawan Maryanto
regie assistent: Naomi Srikandi

spel: Alex Suhendra, Hindra Setya Rini,
M. Qomaruddin,Jami Atut T, Wisnu Yudha
Wiwara Awisarita.
muziek: Risky Summerbee and the Honeythief
lichtontwerp: Ignatius 'Clink' Sugiarto
vormgeving: Novi Kristinawati
productie: Reni Karnila Sar
taal: Indonesisch

Camar (The Seagull) is a play about dreams and illusions. It tells us about the gap between tradition and the modernity of the daily life in a society in transition, about accepting the things as they are or struggle against it. It tells us the story of young artists who wants to realize their dreams and struggle to survive in a world without opportunities. Its about the juxtaposition between dreams and reality.

This ‘Camar’ is situated in nowadays Indonesia. Simon is the poor teacher, with a low salary, not enough to feed his family. Masya, the daughter of a worker chooses for a traditional marriage and a family life, in the hope that will make her happy. Irina is a famous actress, annoyed by the life in the county-field, where she spends her vacation. Kusa her son is a talented young writer who struggles with the lack of opportunities. Nina is a naïve girl, who dreams of a glamour life as an actress in the capital. The famous writer Trigor Triatna is the only one who seems to be happy with his life, but cannot enjoy it. All characters deal with the contrasts between desire, dream and the illusion of the reality in daily life. Will they realize their dreams or will in turn into a nightmare?