Hannah & Hanna / Muztheater

2006 / 2007

directed by: Corrina Manara
text: John Retallack
translation: Heleen Verburg

actrices 2007:Yora Rienstra, Vicky Wesseling
actrices 2006: Joyce Chamaoun, Roos ten Hooven

scenography and costumes: Yael Assaf
video: Sietse Bruggeling
music arranged by: Jan-Willem van Kruyssen, Jan van Rijnsoever
technics: Jan van Rijnsoever, Arjen van der Zant
photography flyer: Tim Stet
photography scenes: Jorgen Koopmanschap

Hannah & Hanna
Hannah is a 16-year-old teenager who has lived all her life in her seaside town and Hanna, a 16-year-old asylum seeker arrived from Kosovo. Like the other local teenagers, Hannah, is at self-declared war with the asylum-seekers. Hanna, along with her mother and brother, is seeking refuge from a homeland which turned hostile. What unfolds is an endearing, funny and moving drama, as the two girls come together to find that they have more in common than just their name. An unlikely friendship develops when they find that music is a common bond between them despite their different cultures and circumstances.

Hannah and Hanna confronts one of the most controversial issues of today, the plight of asylum seekers in Europe. But Hannah and Hanna is telling a bigger story: a story about perceptions, about mindsets and about the bonds that take birth in human emotion. It is not just about those who come to seek refuge, but also about those whose sheltered, routine lives they enter into. It is a story that puts a human face to what lies behind numerous newspaper reports, government statistics and other dry accounts of the so called ‘asylum crisis’.

A theatre performance for youth from the age of 12.